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Buy Glass Blocks Online

The Glass Block Shop provides the complete service for incorporating glass blocks or glass bricks into your project. Design, custom frame manufacturing and installation (on site or pre-fabricated) are all carried out by our own in house team to ensure the highest quality finish.

buy glass blocks online

The Glass Block Shop provides the complete service for incorporating glass blocks or glass bricks into your project. Design, custom frame manufacturing and installation (on site or pre-fabricated) are all carried out by our own in house team to ensure the highest quality finish.

These real glass block windows are made by Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block. Your frameless windows will arrive fully assembled from factory. Features solid 3 1/4" thick glass block with clear 100% silicon joints. Available in "Decora" wave glass block pattern only. Note that exact window size will most likely be slightly smaller than chosen size since these windows are manufactured with real glass block which cannot be cut. Please check with our Sales Dept. prior to ordering if you have any concerns.

If you're looking for a decorative touch that will open up a room in your home, glass block windows are a great option. At The House of Windows, you can find both solid and vented glass block windows available in a variety of industry standard sizes. We are a great source for both contractors--including Maryland window contractors--and home owners; all of our products ship from the manufacturer and are sold at great savings to you. What's more, we carry the top names in the business like Pella windows (available in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area only) and offer a manufacturer's warranty on all items we sell.

Glass Cube, also known as Glass Block is made from optically pure, high-quality glass. These blocks support laser technology and hence allow you to add engravings making it a perfect gift item. When a light source strikes the cube, light passes through it and produces a beautiful color effect. Glass Blocks from Deco Stones are of the highest-quality, long-lasting, and come at reasonable prices. They are always in stock and can be delivered worldwide on an immediate basis.

Besides the unique look and diffused light effect of glass blocks, the material is popping up everywhere for its energy efficient benefits. Not only is it more insulating than the average window pane but also solar energy companies are turning to the design as an alternative to panels. When it goes into production, the Solar Squared glass block will be able to store solar energy while letting light in at the same time; meaning your home can have a cool-looking glass-block wall or ceiling, and your energy bill will be sliced significantly.

The versatility of garden glass for landscaping, fireplaces, terrazzo, aquariums and swimming pools. The following article lists the various uses of garden glass like glass rocks, glass pebbles, glass

In today's modern architectural homes and buildings Glass brick walls are effective in generating open spaces and light whilst offering security and privacy to areas like bathrooms and sun rooms . Glass blocks allow you to bring the outside in without the noise and pollution sometimes surrounding them.

Click here to order online!Glass Brick Kits include Everything.Our Easy Finish kits include the glass blocks, separator strips, wall anchors or external frame as applicable, glass block adhesive and glass block silicon sealant. This means that you the handyman or builder need only supply labour and some frame fixing screws.

Here at DIY Glass Blocks we use the Silicon System, this allows DIY builders and Handymen, to build walls and panels that look professional and attractive in the fastest time. Our special Glass block adhesive silicon is used to bond the glass bricks to the separator strips and each other. This system relies on smaller gaps between glass bricks and a more appealing finish.

Additionally, glass block windows are quite heavy, so you would also need to inspect the floor under the area, and possibly add structural support boards underneath. The weight of a glass block wall or large window could cause the floor to sink, warp or even collapse.

Many assume that the cloudy or frosted nature of a glass block is enough to block out the view for passersby, only to find out after the costly and time-consuming installation that the neighbors have been getting a peep show.

Even for a tiny basement window constructed from glass block, it would cost at least $175. A single glass block would cost approximately $15, with specialty blocks such as frosted or colored blocks can run up to $50.

If you live in an area where the summers are very hot, such as the Midwest, you may wish to reconsider putting glass block windows in your home. Glass blocks absorb and transfer the heat very well, turning your room into a greenhouse.

Glass-Block Mortar is a factory-prepared blend of Portland cement, sand and chemicals specifically designed for glass-block installation. This white mortar can be used for both setting of the blocks and tooling of the block joints.

Vetropieno - A reliable and elegant choice for residential and commercial applications, glass brick can create dramatic interior walls or partitions that maximize the passage of light from room to room. Or try them as a subtle design accents that add a touch of style, character and color.

All sizes of glass block do not have to be tested. Miami-Dade County has allowed testing the largest glass block your company wishes to receive product approval for and smaller dimension glass blocks will be accepted for approval.

GBA offers a free, one-hour AIA Continuing Education course titled Design With Light: A Modern Twist on Glass Block. This continuing education course explores the use of glass block and explains what makes glass block a durable and sustainable architectural product. Hosted by Ron Blank & Associates, Inc., one of the first developers of online education centers for architects looking to continue their education. After 30 years of providing AIA education credits, Ron Blank continues to meet architect continuing education requirements with hundreds of online courses available.

Glass block architectural applications have transformed spaces creating stunning features and accents. In our AIA CEU free online course, you will learn about innovations in glass block to bring efficiency, natural light, and design statements to any residential or commercial project. GBA offers a comprehensive line of high-performance glass block and structural glass products. The course provides an overview of glass block uses so participants will be able to recognize the diverse ways glass block contributes natural light in any office, home, or classroom. In addition, safety concerns in structures are addressed by presenting ways that glass block can be fire, weather, and impact resistant to better protect people and property.

Finally, innovative applications are analyzed to see how glass block positively contributes to historical renovation projects as well as to modern projects that illuminate the effect of light on humans and the environment.

This informative AIA continuing education course introduces glass block product features and construction techniques that can address many of the increasing environmental challenges. The course is not only informative but presents inspiring images of 50+ iconic buildings that use glass block as a key feature. The course is designed to support architect continuing education providing 1 AIA CEU credit and other credit as listed below. The course outline is as follows:

N-BK7 is an optical bor-crown glass with high optical transmission and a very pure and bright appearance. It is a very high-quality standard material used for any optics. The raw material is in stock as unprocessed glass blocks and requires processing with glass processing techniques. More...

Synthetic optical quartz glass offers an excellent UV transmission down to about 180 nm and has a very low expansion coefficient. It is temperature-resistant up to 1000 C and exceptionally chemically resistant. More...

ULE is a transparent glass with an extremely low thermal expansion coefficient, used for high-tech applications in space technology. From ULE, for example, we can produce length standards, laser resonators, or components for space technology. More...

PYREX 7740 is a borosilicate glass composition with good temperature stability and excellent acid resistance. It has a relatively low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent energy transmission from the ultraviolet to the infrared range. More...

VYCOR 7913 is a quartz glass substitution material with a 96 % SiO2 content made by CORNING, USA. It has similar properties as natural quartz glass, high optical transmission in the ultraviolet up to the IR, and high chemical resistance. More...

The glasses mentioned above have to be optically processed before they can work as optics. They are ground, polished, and shaped to the customer's specifications, and we can deposit them with an optical coating if required.

If you can't find the optical glass, block-, drawn-, rolled-, or bar-glass you need, please send us an inquiry. We stock and process almost all optical glasses from SCHOTT, CORNING, OHARA, and many other well-known glass manufacturers. 041b061a72


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