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Pran Pratishtha Mantra Pdf 54 [PATCHED]

The mantra is believed to have been revealed by Narayana to his favourite devotee, Krishna Kirtan Lal (1574-1659) of Vishnupuram, a small village at the foot of the Himalayas. Before his death, Narayana had the mantra inscribed on a stone and placed it inside Kirtan Lals temple. The temple was destroyed during the 1675 Rajput war. This stone with the mantra was subsequently found by another of Narayanas devotees, Heera Thakur, and it was he who took it with him after his meeting with Narayana. Heera was the acharya of the Vijayanagara Empire and he inherited the mantra, with its tantric practices of breath control, mantras and rituals.

Pran Pratishtha Mantra Pdf 54


The mantra is a long hymn composed of one hundred long verses with a total of 1608 lines, and hence it is referred to as a hundred-lined mantra. The mantra was compiled and written by the renowned Vedantacharya, Adi-Sankaracharya, of the Advaita Tradition of Hindu philosophy. Adi-Sankaracharya has his name carved into the bottom of the stone.

The mantra was accepted as an authoritative document by all the three major schools of Hinduism, i.e., Saivism, Vaishnavism and Shaktism. Eventually this mantra became the core of Hindu ritual and worship, and is a key to the practice of all Shaiva, Vaishnava and Shakta rituals. The mantra is used by all Vaishnava and Shaiva sects. All are advised to chant this mantra. The mantra is the beginning of the first book in the philosophy of the Advaita Tradition.

The mantra is the most popular mantra to invoke the Devi (Shakti) everywhere in India. It has a great inspirational power for enlightened wisdom and spiritual knowledge. It is useful for Rishis or spiritual seekers.


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