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With that, Jennifer believes that "A lot of people get scared when they look at failure. I believe that's the mistake that most companies make. And they look at failure as a bad thing. And if you look at failure and you change your perspective, and you learn from the mistakes that are made in an organization when people actually embrace failure and learn from it, then you can probably begin to make some substantial changes in the organization."

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And so this book talks about how you can change that. There's a lot of tips about how you can embrace failure and you can learn from it. And it's easy to read. It's mostly just really short stories. People should pick up a copy. Jennifer recommends it.

The National Lampoon is a comedy group that is extremely popular in the US. They started with the classic satirical comedy books such as Animal House, Caddyshack, Animal Farm and The Great White Hope. The group then branched out and produced parody songs and albums. Animal Farm was turned into a musical, Caddyshack was adapted as a TV series, and in 2012, the group created the satirical comedy A Drunk Guide to America for Netflix.

How can we tell if a recommendation is wrong? Or a theory? This is one that I try to stick to as much as possible while working on a piece. This has a huge impact on the writing, since a single element that is not quite right can throw your entire thesis completely out of whack. We tend to rely on the format of our paper to make up for that. Each chapter should contain enough information for the reader to at least be on the right track. You can never be certain that a reader will fully follow a particular chapter or section, but that is a risk that I am willing to take.


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