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At Devmusical, you will find octapad which has 8 playing surfaces. It allows tone editing of sound and this includes attack, tuning, pitch sweep and damping. It has the built-in looper and is extremely light in weight. It has 7 ambience sound variations and 30 multi-effects.

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The octapad by Yamaha is one of the most appreciated instruments because of its versatile features. If you do not have sticks, you can play the octapad by using finger or hand mode. You can also use the stack mode or the alternate mode. For forming a compact drum kit, you can easily use the octapad. This instrument is extremely useful for recording and music composition.

Supreme quality musical instruments are manufactured by Rockstar, and one such instrument is the octapad. It has brilliant features which makes it suitable for players of all levels. The large backlit LCD display offers a perfect view of tones, variations and effects which are being used. 041b061a72


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